Monday, September 8, 2014

Back to school

Back to school tradition with Grandma.  The boys go bowling (not pictured) and the girls get their nails done.  

Monday, September 1, 2014

Pregnancy, the final chapter.

Swollen feet...
the torpedo belly...
and a pedicure date with Adam before baby boy arrives

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer fun.

    Summer is all about family, friends, and fun in the SUN! 

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Riley Farms Pioneer Trek 2015

People thought I was crazy for going on a pioneer trek 8 months pregnant and maybe I was but I loved the experience I got to have with Adam and all the youth of the Huntington Beach Stake.  It was embarrassing all the attention I got for being pregnant.  I did not feel like I had something to prove, I just really wanted the experience of doing a pioneer trek.  Adam and I were asked to be Ma and Pa on a trek back when we were first married but we were going to Europe and could not do it. We decided that if there was ever an opportunity again to do something like this we would not pass it up.  Also, I knew that we were close to hospitals and doctors so really, I was not being too crazy.
Reenactment of Joseph Smith being tarred and feathered 
"Pioneer children sang as they walked... and walked... and walked."

Our sleeping arrangements.  (Check out that big bump in the green sleeping bag.)  Surprisingly, I slept just fine, I think it was from being so exhausted.  I loved sleeping outside though, looking up at the stars was pretty cool.   

We walked all day and then had a fun afternoon.  We learned some line-dancing and everyone had so much fun, 
After a very HOT and super sweaty walk there was this large, super cold pool.  The guys and girls were split up and went swimming separately in our clothes, or "bloomers."  It was like a scene from Little House on the Prairie, so memorable.
Next, it was on to fire starting.  Surprisingly, way harder than it looked.
Next, machete wars.
And we capped off the day with a hoe-down.
Roughin it like the pioneers.
At the start of our trek (literally, within 5 minutes of walking) our handcart started falling apart and all the gear we had tied onto it fell off.  By the end of the trek it felt like we had overcome huge obstacles, walking up giant hills, people spraining their ankles, someone passed out, there was heat exhaustion, home sickness, and a whole lot more.  I am grateful Adam and I got to experience this hard but worthwhile weekend together reenacting the difficult times of the pioneers that have gone before us.     

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Kochs take Vegas.

Koch Family vacation 2014, Vegas style:

Momoo and June-bug twinning
Father-son bonding/tummy rolling
Ice blocking


and a magic show