Monday, September 29, 2008

Road Trip

Charlie and I took our first road trip without Adam, we were off to Vegas! Rachel and Reese were in town, there was the Baby Expo, and Charlie was missing all his cousins so we figured why not head up there while Adam works all week. Charlie and Reese spent the entire time chasing after and poking the poor cat. Even since we have been home, whenever I say "Where's the meow-meow?" Charlie's face lights up!
There is a new addition to the Koch household, her name is "Molly" the crazy dog. The only way to keep Molly from jumping on the kids or whacking them with her tail was for the kids to walk around with these squirt bottles. As soon as Molly got too close the kids would squirt her and she'd back off.
Our last night Charlie and Reese had a pajama dance party on the bed with Momoo and Dadoo. These two sure had fun together. (Check out the belly Charlie is sporting.)

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Charlie has been loving Adam's shoes, and sunglasses,
and my headbands,
and just being an all around PIMP!