Monday, October 15, 2012

Tree climbing.

Once upon a time there was a little girl named June who loved to climb trees.  One day June fell out of the tree and landed on her face.  June cried and screamed, but she was also a brave girl.  She had a knot on her forehead, a bloody nose, and a fat lip.  June felt sad.  June's mom and dad felt sad too. 
The next day was June's first day of preschool.  She did not seem to be worried about her injury, she was just excited to start school.  The only problem was it was difficult to smile with a fat lip.
By day 3 June was pretty swollen and black and blue.  June's mommy thought that Disneyland would be the perfect cure for the girl who could not smile.    
June tried and tried to smile.  Cinderella thought, "No one could be as beautiful as I, but the least I can do is pose with this pitiful, mangled child."
Around day 5 the swelling had gone down and June was back to her usual activities: swimming, dancing and even a few more tree climbing attempts.
But there was also a problem...

June's nose did not return to its normal cuteness like the rest of her face did.  Maybe Cinderella was right, June Koch may lose her beauty and be left with a pitiful crooked nose. 

So June went to visit the ENT doctor.  June was the perfect patient (unlike the time she visited the dentist).  The diagnosis: a broken nose.  The treatment: closed reduction nasal fracture with stabilization. 
The morning of surgery June was whisked out of a peaceful sleep at 5 a.m. by her mommy and taken to the surgical center. She did not mind being woken up but she did not like the fact that she could not have her usual bowl of cereal. 
She also did not like the hospital gown and socks she was asked to wear, so the nurses let her stay in her p.j's.
And she was not a fan of the surgical cap either, but she was bribed with princess stickers.
June waved good-bye to her mommy and was taken away in the "bed with wheels."  She was in and out of surgery in less than 30 minutes.  June-bug was so brave.   
The best part was getting an otter pop for breakfast.  June was happy.  June's mom and dad were happy. And I am sure Cinderella would be happy too.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fun to be ONE.

We started the birthday celebrating off right with a donut for the birthday boy, he was PLEASED to say the least with this tastey early morning goodness.  The next highlight was playing with his gift from grandma, the ball pit.  Nolan is like most boys, he loves balls, he chases after them all day and if he is ever upset putting a ball in his hand will make it all better.  We tried to make Nolan feel extra special on his day but it really does not take much to make him happy.  He loved diving into his cake and getting attention from everyone he loves.  Happy Birthday to Nolan, we love you!

12 Months.

How can it be, my baby is one?!   I do not remember life without Nolan.  I cannot say enough about this sweet boy, he is a total joy.  Adam and I will get him out of his crib at night just to hold and squeeze him.  The big one year old is still army crawling (which has done a number on his shirts), he stands and walks around furniture, and he loves making a mad dash to the stairs.  He sleeps and naps like a pro, rarely fusses, and smiles at anyone who gives him the time of day.  He is my one piece of sanity amidst total craziness.  Speaking of craziness, he is loved by this big brother and sister sometimes to the point to smothering, but he is their #1 fan.  Nolan William, you have brought more love and happiness to our home than I thought possible.  All of our lives are sweeter because you are in it. 

Preschool girl.

June started preschool at "Charlie's preschool."  She was so excited to so be a big girl going to school all by herself.  She did not skip a beat, even with a smashed up face, June-bug waved goodbye and she was off.  I do not worry about that girl one bit.  She will hold her own at school, she needs to have her time to be independent and so do I. :)
She is one lucky girl to be in class with her best buddies Brinley and Easton.


We have been counting down to the first day of kindergarten since day 16.  Charlie could hardly wait! 

He was super excited about being able to join Grandma and Zachary for the annual back-to-school bowling now that he is starting kindergarten.

The big kindergartener.
 Walking to school with daddy.
I cannot believe my boy is in kindergarten.  He is loving it but it has been a difficult adjustment for his mom!