Thursday, September 30, 2010

Girls Weekend.

Hallelujah! That was the theme for our girls weekend. Our husbands got mad that we were calling it a girls "weekend" when really it was longer than that. We left Wednesday (Sept. 15) during the kids nap time to head up north and we were gone til Sunday. (We were sad Kenna, and Melinda couldn't make it, but you better believe we will be doing it again.) We spent a day in San Francisco shopping, eating... then more shopping and more eating.
(In case any of you were wondering why I look 3 months pregnant in the picture below... I DON'T KNOW!! This was only our first day there, so it was not like I had been stuffing my face all weekend.)

We hit up the spa at our hotel every night. It was crazy to do things like this without having kids to look after.
Something else I got used to in the 4 nights we were gone was SLEEPING IN. We pulled the blinds and cranked up the A/C. I think one morning we did not get out of bed until 10 a.m. (I am so thankful that my friend Sarah (and Nicole and Stephanie) helped take care of the kiddos while Adam was at work. They had to deal with June getting the stomach bug. Adam was a trooper too. He cleaned up throw-up and let Junie snuggle next to him all night long.)
On Saturday (Sept. 18) my cousin Sara got married. Going to her wedding is what prompted this whole trip in the first place. I had a blast getting ready for the big event with my mom and sisters. It was a ton of fun hanging out with family all night.
The bride.
M.O.B (Aunt Cass) and F.O.B (Uncle Dan)

My grandma, Mimi, is hilarious. She LOVES to dance and is always the first one on the dance floor and can totally keep up with everyone else.
(This is a classic Mimi move: the point and shake)
This man (who might of had a bit too much to drink) came up to Mimi and started going crazy dancing waaaay too fast for her. We were all trying to cut in so she would not fall but he was oblivious, having a grand old time swinging my grandma around.

Party animals.
Here is my mom getting tossed like crazy by her cousin. I think they were trying to do some swing dancing. My mom is literally being flown from one corner of the room to another and totally cracking up the entire time. Too funny!

It was such a fun trip. I LOVED every minute of it. Thanks to my mom and sisters for making it so memorable.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I have no clue where the last year and a half has gone. We love this little chick-a-dee so much. She is full of so much spunk and personality. June-bug is not much of a girly-girl. She keeps up with Charlie at the park, she will throw herself down the slide, and I think she would choose to play with a toy car over her baby dolls. Her favorite things to eat include: cheese, bananas, yogurt and toothpaste. She loves brushing her teeth and anytime she walks by the bathroom she will repeatedly say "teeee, teeee, teeee" while tugging at the toothbrush drawer. Sweet little June-bug can throw a tantrum with the best of them but right now it is more humorous than annoying. Her vocabulary is small but her favorite words include "doggie" and "cookie," in which she is obsessed with both. I actually think cookie was one of her first real words after mama and dada. Junie's softer side comes out when she sees her nigh-night (pink blanket) laying on the floor. She will pounce on that thing and then do her funny little cackle, she is in love with that blanket... and her paci. She loves people and will frequently reach out to strangers to be held by them. June is such a happy, funny, crazy kid. I am pretty sure there is not a day that has gone by in the past 18 months that Adam or I don't mention how much we are in love with our little girl.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

BIG-KID Preschool.

First day of school picture. On the way to school Charlie grinned and said " I really love my new backpack." (Thanks Sarah!)
I have been going to a mommy & me preschool with Charlie since he was just over a year old. I was not sure how I felt about sending him off by himself to be exposed to this big bad world without being right by his side. Being the socialite that he is, I knew that "big-kid" preschool was right up his alley. He did not flinch the first day, he walked right in and started playing with the bugs in the sand. We miss Charlie during the 6 hours a week he is gone but it has been great spending some one-on-one time with Junie... and I think she enjoys having the toys at home all to herself!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It all began with a family road trip. 16+ hours in the car with two kiddos. Our trip started off with 4 stops between Huntington Beach and Vegas. They were all false alarms but when you hear the words "I gotta go poop" from your three year old, you pull over as fast as possible. The kids did great though. I have these trans fatty snacks (below) to thank for a half hour of total silence.
Koch family reunion 2010. The gang. (Everyone except Jacob.)
A family bike ride. The first day of our vacation we took a family bike ride. Our surroundings were breathtaking. Charlie cruised on his bike for a while but then lost steam. We ditched his bike in the bushes and he road with Junie the rest of the way. She was a good sport even though Charlie ate all her popcorn.
This is a picture from our trip to Steamboat Springs in 2007. (Charlie, 6 weeks)
Steamboat Springs 2010. (Charlie 3, June 17 months)
The Alpine Slides. (A highlight for me.)
Pool time. June-bug and her cousins Claire and Shea were all born within 3 months of each other. June is the youngest but I think she may weigh the most.
Charlie got sick during the trip but that didn't keep him from his buddy Mason. Charlie was attached at the hip with his cousin. He adores Mason. Mason was a good sport and let Char hang, wrestle, and pounce all over him.
Momoo and Dadoo, thanks for an amazing trip. We loved spending time with our family and our kids loved playing with all their cousins.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Charlie LOVED t-ball, which was no surprise. Every Monday and Wednesday morning we would go to swim lessons and then walk across the street to have t-ball practice. The picture above was taken on a special "batting cages" day, Charlie was in heaven!
The teams.

June-bug was a trooper. She was a sweet little sister just cheering her brother on during all his activities of the summer.