Wednesday, July 25, 2012

10 months.

Nolan has been loving his summer visiting family, splashing in the pool, and chillin at the beach.  It has been a big month for Nollie-pollie, he finally started crawling and sitting without tipping over.  He is a speed-demon with the cutest little army crawl, the only problem is I have discovered how dirty my carpets are, by the end of the day Nolan's shirt is usually black.  Nolan has his three bottom teeth which have aided in trying new foods as well as putting tiny toys in his mouth.  This little sweetheart got in trouble for the first time in his life when he decided to blow a mouthful of food out all over mommy.  Of course I could not get mad but he did hear "no-no" while I put on my serious face.  His first word was "ma-ma," then "ba-ba," and "da-da," he even does an occasional "ha" with a gentle wave.  We all cannot get enough of this darling boy!  

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lake Tahoe.

The annual Koch Family reunion was a big hit.  From singing along to preschool songs for a 8 hour road trip to assembling puzzles until the wee hours of the night, we loved every minute of our time with family.  Some of the highlights included:

Face Painting (courtesy of Marriott Resort)
Hiking (with little children & without a baby backpack)

River Rafting  
(June enjoyed the bus ride more than going down the river)

  Celebrating 4th of July(Tahoe style)

Pony Rides (and stroller rides)
 Pool time (baby bonding time)
A day at the beach 
(relaxing, catching tadpoles, and disliking the freezing water)
Bike rides (with the biggest ice cream cones I have ever seen)
(Thanks Momoo and Dadoo for another amazing family vacation.)