Monday, April 25, 2011


This girl is something else! The week after she turned 2 we went to visit a friend whose daughter was potty trained. While we were all hanging out June disappeared. We found her on the little potty seat with her pants down and diaper ripped off. Cute, I thought, but she's not ready. Well, the next morning this chick decided to unzip her footed pajamas, take off her poopy diaper and climb onto the toilet again. I went out and bought some undies for her that day! I still thought she just liked the idea of taking her diaper off and getting a treat, not that she could grasp the concept of actually being potty trained. She proved me wrong! Her determination amazes me. She has only had 2 or 3 accidents, always tells me when she needs to go, and even stays dry throughout the night. I never thought potty training could be so fun and effortless. Thanks June-bug!