Sunday, October 30, 2011

A sneak peak... our Halloween costumes.
Hint: "PETR PUAN" and "Stinkerbell"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

1 month.

Our sweet baby is a month old. He is a gem! Life has not really been too interrupted with the arrival of Nolan because he had been such a perfect baby. Really. He regularly sleeps a good 6 hour stretch at night and occasionally 8-9 hours. He gets bonked and banged around while I feed him because June likes to be up in the action too. June is his biggest fan and because of her, Nolan has been kissed more than any baby on the planet! Nolan first smiled at his big sis at just 3 weeks, it was intentional (not gas), I am sure of it! Our little guy has taken on the nicknames: Nollie pollie (from June) and Diego (from his cousin Zach). (Nolan was not named for over a day after his birth. I think all the dark hair threw us off a bit. When my sister Jen showed her son Zachary a picture of the baby, she also told him he did not have a name yet. Zachary went running to his room and grabbed a Diego figurine and said, "I know, they should name him Diego!") Nolan has super long eyelashes and I am pretty sure brown eyes, which is a first for our kids and a first for the Graham grandkids. It takes twice as long to go anywhere and having three kiddos is pretty busy. Some people say that the more kids you have the younger ones just get jipped: less attention, less quality time, fewer photos, etc. So far, I have never know a boy who has been loved by so many and adored so much!
1 month stats= Weight: 10 pounds (50th percentile), Height: 21 3/4 inches (50th Percentile)
Diego (from Dora the Explorer)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Saturday, October 8, 2011