Saturday, November 30, 2013

10 years too many.

It made me proud when people would say I'm just like you,
I've got your round face, big cheeks, manly legs, yes, it's true!

You and I would always eat the fastest as we sat down each night for dinner,
Everyone else took after mom, maybe that's why they are a bit thinner.

Sometimes our stubborn ways meant you and I did not always get along
If I was right and you were right, who would admit they were wrong?

We enjoyed playing pranks, like waiting for Steven after a church dance,
We nailed him with the hose and water ran down his pants.

Even though we are alike, and that means the world to me,
I still have a lot to learn because you're all I aspire to be.

I am grateful for your character and all the fun we've had,
Having you there when times were tough made it all not seem so bad.

You had so many good friends whose lives you deeply touched,
That special way about you, everyone loved so much.

As a father you counseled, guided, and lead with all your might,
Teaching us to seek for truth and strive to choose the right.

You were one with great courage, you had faith in Heavenly Father's plan,
And though it's hard to see you go, you've left the mark of a valiant man.

I miss you so much, but I am doing my best not to be sad,
Instead I will strive to live up to the phrase: "You remind me of your Dad!" 
(the poem I wrote after Dad died and read at his funeral)

Thursday, November 21, 2013


This kid ran his little heart out at the jog-a-thon.  He ran 20 laps, totaling nearly 4 miles.  (I was super impressed with his form and endurance.  Charlie usually runs with  a bit of a bobble-head, but for some reason his inner track star came out and he killed it.)
The fans: Sawyer Bradshaw, Addie Blad, and Nolan.

Mrs. Hollidays First grade class.
Post-race popsicles; Nolan made sure to get in on that action!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The End of an Era.

After 8 years of calling the Mora Kai home, we are moving!  We moved into apartment #27 the day we returned home from our honeymoon.  We brought Charlie and June home from the hospital to our two bedroom apartment.  Then we moved into apartment #9, a three-bedroom, and had Nolan.  We have seen many friends and neighbors come and go over the years. We have spent hours playing outside, riding bikes around the complex, swimming in the pool, and making lasting memories. 
Good-bye living room...
Good-bye playroom...
Good-bye kids room...
Good-bye bedroom...
Good-bye Perry Panthers...
 Good-bye Miss Wicks...
Good-bye Spencer Lee...
Good-bye Monica our crossing guard...
Good-bye HB 7th ward...
Good-bye primary teachers (Sister Wagner and Sister Gideon)...
  We will miss you all!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013.

We kicked off Halloween with a Zombie Party (thanks Wendi Blair) which got us in the spooky spirit. 

We decided on a "Muppets" theme for our family this year but that all fell apart when we decided to move the week before Halloween.  I spent the month of October packing, not sewing costumes.  June was still set on being Miss Piggy and I thought Nolan would make the cutest little Kermit, which he did and Charlie decided to rock the ninja turtle costume.
June had a Halloween parade at her preschool
(Dane, Cali, June, and Ivy- our carpool friends)
Charlie had a Halloween parade as well, followed by a cookie decorating sugar-fest
Then on Halloween night we took this crazy bunch out for trick-or-treating. 
Scout Ebmeyer and Nolan
... believe it or not, it was a Happy Halloween even though we did not dress up this year :)