Tuesday, January 26, 2010

10 months.

This month June has gone from being a baby to a total toddler. The little missy is a whopping 20+ pounds and my hip is starting to feel it. June's missing bottom tooth finally appeared and so did all four of her top teeth. June has figured out how to pull herself up but it has taken all month for her to master getting back down. The first time she stood up in her crib she got stuck and freaked out... I just grabbed the camera and snapped away. Army crawling still continues to be her favorite mode of transportation. The only frustrating thing about this lady is she has started to make a habit out of blowing her food all over the place when she eats, but somehow everything she does seems to be cute!

Monday, January 25, 2010

"I'm a BIG KID now!"

A week of rain. Many accidents. Lots of laundry. Countless trips to the toilet. Stickers. Candy (M&M's, Skittles, and Gummy Bears to be exact). Suckers. A trip to the donut shoppe (for the first # 2 in the toilet). It's official, my baby is a BIG BOY now.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We are FAM-A-LEE

the Grahams
the Martinos (minus Ben)
the Grahams
the Kochs
the Menloves
We took some family pictures in my mom's backyard over the holidays, it's been a long time since our last family pic. Ben was the only one not there but thanks to Photoshop it will be like he never left! The picture below was taken on a whim, someone said "What about one with just the original Grahams." As the pictures were being taken I could not help but have an overwhelming feeling like someone was missing. I kept looking around feeling like the picture was not complete. Then my eyes got teary; the picture is not complete. Someone is definitely missing. I don't think we have taken a picture with just my mom and us five kids since my dad has been gone. It felt weird while we were taking it and it looks incomplete to me now. I guess it will always feel like someone is missing but I am happy to have frequent reminders, especially in the personalities of my kids, of how close my dad really is.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Charlie and Junie are so lucky to have so many cousins close in age as well as some older examples to look up to. They got to spend time with almost all their cousin on both sides of the family over the holidays... and oh what fun they had!
Charlie and Gracie modeling Grandma Graham's glasses.
A little teeter-totter action with Josh.
Abigail, Addie, and June looking incredibly cute in their matching pink dresses.
Big cousin Alli watching after June-bug.
The classic tub picture, we are missing Addie and Josh but for sure they could have fit.
June and Shea enjoying some bananas in their matching pj's.
Noah, the best baby sitter around, holding June. She loves him!
Jordan showing Charlie the seriousness it takes to play video games... and to be a teenager!
Evan and Char-char enjoying some grapes, PB&J, and a good laugh.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Charlie got these two random bruises on his head and we have no idea how he got them. While we were staying at my mom's house over the holidays the he was constantly getting into mischief, bopping his cousins on the head, and spending much of his days in time-out. When my sister saw him she said, "Hey look, Charlie's horns are starting to poke through!" So sad, so funny, but so true.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Party Hardy.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We had an awesome New Year's Eve. Thanks to my party-planner sister, Emily, the kids did not miss out on the fun. It all started with some party hats, then the cousins all sat on the back porch and threw "poppers" on the cement, followed by some serious gaming.
Charlie had a blast! I am sad I did not get any pictures of June but she was in the background of it all enjoying the chaos. The kids played musical chairs (Alli made sure she won every time), they raced toy cars down a ramp (Adam made sure Alli did not win every time) and they played a few rounds of Duck-Duck-Goose.

Here is the party planner in full effect. After organizing all the games and activities for the night we decided that she needs to open a Daycare!
A little dance party...

Some Martinelli's...
And some celebrating...
Then off to bed. The "kid party" started at 6, was over by 7, and they were all sleeping by 8. That is what I call a HAPPY NEW YEAR!