Saturday, September 28, 2013

My not so terrible 2 year old.

My baby is 2.  I cannot believe this little guy is already so grown up.  Words cannot express the JOY he exudes each and every day.  It is difficult to write this but when I first found out I was pregnant with Nolan I was less than thrilled.  I was totally shocked and in denial for a long time.  We were taking every precaution to not get pregnant because the timing seemed so wrong for so many reasons.  We knew we wanted a #3 but not for a while, not until things felt more settled.  I was overwhelmed with Charlie and June, Adam was starting a new business and life felt very chaotic when I found out I was pregnant.  Well, God had a bigger, better plan than I did.  I think He knew that we all needed an extra dose of JOY and HAPPINESS in our lives so He sent sweet Nolan to our family at just the right time.

This kid is awesome.  If I drop him off somewhere he asks for "kisses" and yells: "Bye Mommy!"  If he skips a nap he is not phased.  He yells: "Hi" to every single person we see at the grocery store.  I love when I ask him for a kiss and he sticks up his hand as says: "High-bive" because he is not in the mood for kisses, just "high-bives".  He says "thank you" after I give him anything and he always says "excuse me" if someone is in his way.  I am constantly asking myself, where did this kid come from?
Just a little Gangnam Style dancing on the boogie board at the beach. 
Well, I am not sure why we got so lucky to have this sweet boy join our family when he did, but we are thankful everyday for him.  He is an example to his older siblings and his parents and a reminder every day to love life.

 Happy Birthday Nolan William. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Nolan.

birthday breakfast
cupcakes at music makers
birthday pizza picnic at grandma's house

the big two year old

checking out the goods

Friday, September 13, 2013

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