Monday, May 31, 2010

Donut Party.

Someone had a very special day. Charlie was in heaven. It might of had something to do with the DONUTS...

decorating the DONUTS...
eating DONUTS off the tree...
"belly bumping" DONUT filled bellies, with matching football jersey's...
whatever it was, the DONUTS seemed to make life grand!
(and suckers do too!) The after party with Alli, Josh, and Zach...
... the after, after party with alligator pillow, red bowling ball, yellow bat, Buzz Lightyear goggles, Mickey, and Lightning McQueen.
(It was a happy birthday.)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

3 years.

name: Charlie Koch
age: 3 years
height: 29 inches
weight: 35 pounds

Has it really been 3 years? Time seems to keep passing me by, sometimes I want to just bottle it up and stay in this moment forever. Charlie is my buddy, and I am loving this age. He is full of personality and probably the friendliest boy I know. Trust me, there are many moments of frustration, but on this special day we will stick with the positive.

Over the past six months I have been jotting down some of the funny moments that take place in our home thanks to Char-char:
  • After yet another pair of wet undies I asked, "Charlie, why are your undies wet?" His answer: "Because my wiener did it!"
  • When I am sure Charlie is getting into some mischief I will ask what he is up to, his response "just nuffing."
  • I heard some yelling while Charlie was outside playing by himself. Me: "Hey Char, who are you yelling at?" Charlie: "Just the birds mommy, just the birds!"
  • Space ship = shash shpit
  • Remote control=Ha-remote
  • gum=gun
  • dizzy= "I'm so busy." (after spinning around)
  • going to the bank=going to the piggy bank
  • seat belt= safe belt

(Someone loves taking self-portraits.)

  • Whenever I am in a different room Charlie will walk in and say "Find-ja!" All day long from room to room it's "find-ja, find-ja!"
  • When we walk into the house after being gone Charlie says "Oh no, my Daddy is not home. I sure do miss my Daddy!" The funny thing is, even when Adam is home and goes to take the trash out or something Charlie says "Daddy, I was missin' you" the moment he walks back in the door.
  • Charlie says "Hi" to me All. Day. Long.
  • Charlie LOVES his friends. Every night while saying his prayers he blesses his friends.
  • One day I told Charlie that his buddy Logan was going to come over and play. Charlie responded with "PARTY... PARTY!"
  • I have never known someone who gets more into watching TV than Char. (I take that back, I think he gets it from his father.) When I say INTO I mean he shouts at the TV. If a character asks a question then Charlie shouts the answer like he IS the character.
  • We were in the drive-through at El Pollo Loco and I was talking in the intercom saying we wanted one burrito, a side salad, ect... then Charlie yells from the back seat "... and a HOT DOG!"
  • During Christmas time Adam mentioned something about being married while we were at the dinner table. Charlie heard the word marry and said "No, mommy's Mary, I 'm Joseph and daddy's Justin."
favorite word: mustache
This is Charlie's first happy face picture... with a mustache. He thought it was hilarious.

  • We were outside and Charlie stood on top of the slide and said, "Wow, look at the great big world."
  • After walking into church one Sunday we sat down behind a family we had not seen in a while. Charlie leaned over the pew and said "Hey remember me, I 'm Charlie Koch."
  • Charlie was walking through the living room chewing on something. I asked him what he had in his mouth and he said "just the couch." Apparently the fuzz from the couch is a tasty treat.
  • At night when I am putting June to bed Charlie always asks if he can "give Junie a kiss on the eye-ball."
  • When Charlie first started potty training he needed to be reminded to point his you-know-what down so pee would not go flying. So he was sitting on the toilet and I was helping him keep it down and he said "Don't touch it mommy, I got to go my privacies."
  • As we were walking into Trader Joe's Charlie asked, "Are we going to Target again?"
  • My brother would ask Charlie "Whose your favorite uncle?" Then one night Adam asked "Who's your favorite daddy?" Charlie's response "MOMMY."
  • Charlie was laying on the floor looking up at me and asked "Mommy, are you having a baby?" I instantly yelped "NO! Does mommy's tummy look like I am going to have a baby?" Charlie innocently said "No, but are your boobies having a baby."

favorite color: orange

favorite food: broccoli, green beans, all sweets!

favorite activity: swimming, playing baseball/soccer/football, yelling at the TV

favorite pastime: singing

favorite book: How Do I Love You (memorized from reading so many times)

Our lives have not been the same since our Charlie-boy came into this world. We have had more laughs, played more games, and given more kisses than I can count. It has been 3 years of pure JOY (most of the time). Happy Birthday buddy.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Let the GOOD times roll.

Last week Charlie kept bopping June on the head because she was "buggin'" him. This week he was a sweet big brother.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Home sweet home.

I went on a little get-away last weekend (all the way up to hotel Graham's in Monrovia). Adam asked what I wanted for my birthday and I told him "A DAY OFF!" So I went to my mom's house, worked on a few projects, shopped, went out to a peaceful dinner, got a pedicure, and had two full nights of uninterrupted sleep. It was heaven. I do love my crazy adorable kids and sweet husband... sometimes it just takes a weekend away to remember just how much!
This was my birthday note Adam helped Charlie with while I was gone. (Looks a bit more like a science experiment entitled "How healthy are your child's snacks?") Sweet though.
Charlie took this picture of Adam and I on my birthday. I love this picture! I think I love the fact that when I look at it I see Charlie with the camera up to his nose saying "cheeese".