Wednesday, November 26, 2008

18 months

Charlie was officially 18 months on the 26th of November. I cannot believe how fast time is flying and how big our boy is getting. The little stinker started biting his nails last month and he has had to have numberous time-outs for hitting. Every morning when Charlie wakes up he "gets cozy" on the couch, drinks his sippy cup of milk, and watches Sesame Street... affectionately known as "Mel-mo."

Charlie language:
"nigh night" = the name of his blanket, good night
"pippy" = sippy
"New-null" = Mr. Noodle (from Sesame Street)
"pssss" = please
"kssss" = thanks, keys
"May-men" = Amen
"bay-ball" = baseball... and football
"nack" =snack

Charlie LOVES: baseball, hiding under his blanket while we say "where's Charlie", keys, trying to "unlock" doors, going to get the mail, playing chase

Charlie knows most of his animal sounds and when we ask him "What does mommy say?" he answers: "No, no!"
When watching football with Adam, Charlie yells:"touch down"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Funny farm.

Adam and I took Charlie to Centennial Farms, a small petting zoo that is part of the OC fair grounds. He is not a huge animal lover so we were surprised when he started feeding the goats, petting the sheep and walking around saying "moo... moo!" Our little farmer boy.

As Charlie was feeding this goat she confused his hair for a piece of hay...
...then he realized what was going on!

The day ended with a good hand washing that was just as exciting as seeing all the animals. Charlie was so proud to be washing his hands without any help.

Sea Lion Tour

Last week we took a little trip to Balboa Island to go on a tour of the harbor and see the sea lions. Thanks to Jolene, the party planning queen, we set off for an afternoon of excitement!
Charlie loved the sea lions, he just stared out the window in amazement.

We had to stop in for a Balboa bar after the tour. Charlie is pointing to his teeth because I told him to say "cheese," and yes, that is ice cream on my nose! Such a fun day!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008


We had a fun HB Halloween. It started off with a walk down to Main Street with friends. We got some dinner at Smokin' Mo's BBQ and then set off to take part in all the exciting festivities downtown had to offer.
There was a mini-petting zoo that Charlie was not a fan of. Not a huge animal lover, at least not in such close quarters!

There was even a "cookie station" that Cookie Monster LOVED!

Trick-or-treating with Dad. I am not sure who was more into getting the candy, Adam or Charlie.

Post trick-or-treating games. Don't ask!