Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer Fun.

We were too busy having fun to take many pictures over the summer but I did manage to get some random shots on my phone.  
Pushing my girl on the swing.
 "Mom, I just tooted in your face!"
 Someone learned to overcome his fear of dogs (baby steps)
A visit to the cemetery on granpa Charlie's birthday. 
 June on a scooter ride with her buddy Brinley and their babies.
 June jumping off a bridge in Newport Harbor.
 Charlie jumping off the bridge after seeing his sister do it.
A visit to the Great Park and a ride on the Great Orange balloon.
Relaxing at home, ain't no thang!
A family bike ride to the donut shop.
Dinner in the tent in the living room.
Our beloved ant farm.
Surfer boys.
Slurpee's after the kids first day of swim lessons.

The Martino's came to swim lessons.
Martino adventures.

Ice cream extravaganza.
Library summer reading program.
Miniature golf night at Boomers.
A visit to the "stinky" reptile zoo.
Poppers in the street while waiting for the 4th of July parade to start.
Bathing beauties.
A picnic dinner at Lacey park with Mimi.
A girls day at Glenn Ivy.
Some Chuck-E-Cheese time.
Road trips with these cutie pies.
Many perfect beach days.