Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas in Vegas

Christmas at the Kochs, complete with a family photo.  The past few years Christmas at the Kochs has begun on December 26th.  This way everyone can spend time with their individual families on Christmas day and then still get together to continue the celebration the next day.  It has worked out perfectly for our family and we cherish the time we all get to spend together.  Some of our favorites from this year include:
Matching P.J.'s
Presents Galore

Band Practice

Crazy time with Uncle Michael
Sufficient iPad time
Cooking lessons from the expert Sherie Koch
Choir practice
Getting the hook-ups in Nursery
Quality cousin time

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Christmas morning was full of glee.

  Christmas afternoon we spent time at the cemetery.  My dad LOVED Christmas and all that the meaning of Christmas had to offer.  The kids ran around the cemetery picking and blowing dandelions, it was magical.   

Charlie found a stick that he used as a sword.  He started whipping the dandelions and chopping them in half while shouting "high-ya!"  He was in 5 year-old boy heaven.  When it was time to leave we told him he needed to leave his stick at the cemetery, he was disappointing to say the least.  We drove straight from the cemetery to the Toffoli's for dinner.  When we arrived at the Toffoli's house and got out of the car Charlie saw another long stick on the ground.  He picked it up and said "Look, Grandpa Charlie wanted me to have my stick back so he dropped it down from heaven."  
   Christmas night at the Toffoli's then off to Vegas after dinner.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve at the Merkley's.

Nolan bonding with Uncle Ryan.
 5 golden rings

9 (enthusiastic)ladies dancing
 10 lords-a-leaping
  Mary, Jospeh, Jesus, the 3 wise men, and the shepherds
Auntie Bobin reading "Twas the Night before Christmas."

The after-party in the hot tub!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


The Martino's left to spend Christmas in Guatemala leaving behind their passes to LEGOLAND that expired in 2013.  We happily accepted the chance to spend the day together as a family and live it up at the land of LEGOS.  
Top pick for rides: Volvo Junior Driving School
 Christmas time fun included sledding.

Fun with Dad.

Fun with mom.
Just plain fun.
Charlie was super excited when he saw a kid climbing this tree and he begged us to let him try it.  It was $6 per person and we were not sure he would be able to do it but because we had not spent a dime all day we figured, what the heck.  Attempt #1 went like this:  I think I can, I think I can...
I am so close to the top, but this is soooo scary...
so down he comes!
(After a minor parent huddle and a discussion about finishing what you stared and not giving up, we encouraged Charlie to try again)  6 more dollars to the worker and Attempt #2:  I think I can, I think I can... I CAN!!!  He did it! 

Family photo attempt #1:
Family photo attempt # 2:
We ended up staying at LEGOLAND until the park closed.  The kids hit up the car ride for one last thrill before they passed out in the car on the drive home.  Thanks Martino's such a fun day!