Sunday, September 27, 2009

6 months.

June bloom is one happy girl who continues to love attention. If anyone gives her the slightest glance she squeals and then rapidly kicks her legs. It's been a tough month for our little princess, she has been battling a bladder infection and then got thrush for the third time. Despite the pain, June has been smiling through it all.
It has taken six months but Charlie is finally paying attention to his sister. He has pretty much ignored her until now. The other day Charlie wanted to see "Junie" after her nap so I helped him into her crib and they got cozy together. June LOVES Charlie!

June also got a visit from her younger yet heftier cousin Addie. The girls were good sports during our photo shoot, June was literally rolling on top of Addie. I think these two are in close competition for having some serious thunder-thighs. It's so cute seeing all their dimples and rolls, too bad they won't feel that way when they are older. (June is weighing in at around 16.5 pounds)

June started eating rice cereal about a month ago. It was not love at first bite but she has started liking it more. She cannot keep her hand away from her mouth while she eats so dinner time quickly turns into bath time!

We sure do love you lots June-bug!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


One of Charlie's many nicknames is Charlie-boy. So it is only natural that Charlie started calling me Mommy-boy, Adam Daddy-boy and June Junie-boy. I love it!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear Summer,

We had fun while it lasted, but after two extremely hot weeks we are happy to see you go...

See you next year.

the Koch Family

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2009 Babies.

There have been 13 babies born in our ward so far this year... something in the water! (Actually, my sister and I had our babies within 3 days of each other, my sister-in-law two months later, and a handful of friends also had babies within 6 months of me having June, crazy!) Most of us were pregnant together and we talked about taking a picture but nine months seemed to come and go. So a few Sundays ago we decided to have a little photo session of the 2009 babies. All but three of the girls pictured here also have two-year-olds, so you can imagine that church is very LOUD. I had a friend investigating the church a while back and she was asking how sacrament meeting worked. I said that we do not clap or shout like some other churches and I told her our meetings are very simple and reverent. Then, after attending she explained that she sure did not hear any "HALLELUJAHS" but she did here plenty of screaming babies!
Easton, Caden, Tofer, Brinley, Cali, Leah, Cohen, Cash, June, Ellie, Max, Dane and Weston.