Tuesday, May 27, 2008

FUN to be ONE!

It's hard to believe an entire year has come and gone and our buster boy is ONE! We cannot even imagine our lives without Charlie in it. He is full of smiles, all day, everyday... unless he is hungry, that is when he gets down to business! Charlie loves to rock out to music, he loves to dance when the radio is on or when one of his toys plays music. He also does this thing where he crinkles up his nose, sticks out his bottom teeth, and breathes in and out really hard, it's pretty cute. Charlie LOVES balls and he plays catch every morning and every night with his Daddy. What an amazing year it has been. Charlie is one of a kind and we feel very blessed to have such a sweet little boy in our family! Charlie's birthday started off with some pancakes drenched in syrup, what more could a boy who LOVES food want for his birthday?! After breakfast we went for a family bike ride to the ward Memorial Day picnic. Charlie had fun watching all the cars go by and he loved the wind blowing in his hair.
After the picnic, and NO NAP ALL DAY (Charlie knows how to party), we had the Menlove's and Grandma Graham over for a BBQ and some birthday cake. Charlie LOVED his cake and was even willing to share some with Daddy.
The big ONE year old.
Alli, Charlie, and Zachy... the party animals!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Charlie's first haircut

Charlie is known for his hair, whether at church, the doctor's office, or the grocery store, people always comment on Charlie's "DO". One of my favorites went something like this; "Hey, look at that kid's hair, he looks like he just got out of the dryer!" Well, the poofy, fluffy, cuteness was getting a bit out of control! Seeing this picture on my friend Jenny's blog made me decide it was time to give Charlie a haircut.
(I think this picture looks like the real Donald Trump do.)
Let the haircutting begin! I actually cut most of it while Charlie was in the bathtub, he was so still sucking on one of his bath toys that I took advantage of the situation. Then I finished off by distracting him with what else... FOOD!!!!
"Mom I hate it, what did you do to my hair?"

"Fine, I guess I will just have to learn to love it!"

A bruise, a ball, and some Cheerios.

It was so hot yesterday so we filled up the pool for Charlie to splash around in. At first the water was super cold so Charlie just sat there, but then he started getting brave. He stood up near the edge of the pool and held onto my knees while I was sitting there close to him. Faster than I could react Charlie slipped right between my legs and face-planted onto the concrete. Poor boy, he has a big ol' bruise on his noggin. It all happened while I was talking on the phone so when I got "the look" from Adam I determined, IT WAS ALL MY FAULT!!
The nice thing was, a whiffle ball and a few Cheerios later... Charlie was all better and back to his happy self!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

To Infinity, and BEYOOOND........

Adam gets Disneyland tickets from work each year so we decided to take advantage of some free food and fun. Since we got our season passes we have been going on the "kiddie" rides with Charlie and we are still figuring out if he enjoys staring at all the people MORE than going on the rides. The line for Buzz Lightyear was short so we decided to give it a try. We did not know what to expect and basically... I LOVE IT, it's my new favorite ride! There were two laser guns that you point at different targets and then points accumulate on a screen inside your cart. We had this picture emailed to us and I was cracking up. I am as serious as can be, in deep concentration and Adam is determined to get the high score, he even has one eye closed to help him "focus" on the bullseye. I am convinced that those scores are wrong, I think it might just be a standard background they use for all the pictures. Poor Charlie, who knows what is going through his head; but hey, at least his parents are having a blast!!