Monday, November 30, 2009

Giving Thanks.

We have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving...
1. Swinging on the "tennis racket" with Dadoo.

2. Learning how to bowl with Daddy on Thanksgiving morning. (Charlie can't take his eye off the ball.)

3. Cousins! (Charlie and Reese were best buds (most of the time) while we were in Vegas.

4. June-bug and her cute smiles.
5. Sweet little Claire-bear (June's buddy)
6. "Castles."
7. More rides on the "tennis racket" with Mommy.

8. Family.

9. Pumpkin pie.
10. Whipped cream!
11. Looking at Christmas lights through the sunroof. (Thanks Momoo and Dadoo.)

12. Watching "Cars" in bed with Reesey.
13. Super heroes: Charlie and Reese

14. A BYU Victory.

15. Grandpa Bill and Dorothy.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

8 months.

My little girl is growing up so fast. I went to get her dressed the other day and the pants I put on her looked like shorts, I looked at the size and it was a 3 month outfit. I am officially in denial that my baby is getting older. She started scooting around and she loves putting things in her mouth. While we were in Chicago my sister Emily was asking if I was feeding June any baby crackers or giving her a sippy cup yet. Nope. Charlie totally had those things by now but for some reason I still think of June as being so much younger than she is, hence, putting her in 3 month clothes. I love this little girl so much and I cherish every moment with her. Sure, the bows, the dresses, the shoes, and the flowers are AWESOME, but I really just love who she is... feisty, funny, and so sweet all at the same time.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Windy City.

My mom, my sister Emily, and I all took a trip to Chicago to see my brother David and his family who are living there while David is in podiatry school. We had the best time! No kids were allowed... only babies! Emily has Abigail (8m), I brought June (8m) and David has Addie (6m). The girls were awesome, they loved rolling around on the floor together and we just drug them from place to place and they did not mind it one bit.
These pictures crack me up! So my mom wanted a "kids shot" at the Botanical Gardens so we smiled nicely for the first picture. Then, I tried to pull David's shirt down to show off his manly hairs. He was all squirmy and embarrassed. Well, looks like the joke was really on me, check out the SERIOUS double chin!

We had so many photo sessions with the babies. I love this picture above, it totally looks like Addie and June are holding hands.
How cute are they? Splashing in the tub together and chewing on their foamy letters.

My favorite day by far was taking the train into the city. We got up early, dressed the girls like triplets (many asked if they were), and we loaded onto the train for a 1 hour ride to Chicago. It was awesome visiting with the people on the train and just getting the full Chicago experience.

The Bean. (David was our photographer for the week. He has a sweet camera and some mean editing skills. Thanks Ding-Dong!)

Between shopping, eating, and seeing all the sites we probably walked over 5 miles.

This place had the best pizza EVER! As David described it, "Each bite has a thick layer of cheese on it, it's like you are biting into a big piece of melted string cheese."

Our "hosts," the Graham's, at the Jelly Belly factory tour.

The fun had to eventually come to an end and the girls were not happy about it... it's so hard to say goodbye!