Friday, September 28, 2007

Our trip to Texas...

Check out our trip to Texas on the Graham Fam blog on the right.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A trip to TEXAS.

We had a great time in Texas. Here is a recap of our week:

Day 1:
Emily and Nora watched a movie and took a nap while Grace and Charlie watched Baby Einstein and took a nap.
Day 2: We celebrated Ben's birthday by taking cupcakes to all the med students, making Cafe Rio's pork burritos, and having chocolate mousse for dessert.
Day 3: We drove to some outlet stores and went shopping. Emily got her very first speeding ticket on the way there. The kids were super good in the car and very patient while we were shopping. We got some great DEALS!!!!!

Check out all those bags...
Day 4: Uncle Stevie came down Friday night after school and spent the weekend with us. We took the kids to a pool at one of Emily's friend's apartment complex. We had planned to go to this pool at the park but it was closed for a "dog festival." Emily went to see if it was open and there were dogs in the water having relay races and the city pound guy in a dunk tank. The park ranger looked at Emily like she was crazy for asking if the pool was open. He said: "Yes ma'am it's open... for the DOGS!! Good thing we had a back-up pool to go to.

Day 5: We went to church (sadly, we did not get a cute church picture of the kiddos). We had fun just hanging out with Uncle Stevie.
Day 6: We drove about an hour and a half and met up with Aunt Tami and Uncle Steve in Corsicana. We met at Walmart and sat outside on some lawn chairs and visited for a while. Then we went to lunch and walked around town. They were so sweet and super happy to meet Charlie and Grace.

Day 7: Photo shoot! Emily and I had a photo shoot before she took us to the airport. Charlie and Grace were being hilarious. Charlie would not stop sucking his hands and Grace was being super wiggly and she wanted to attack Charlie. We got some cute pictures out of it though.

4 months

The little Buster is 4 months old. He is a very happy, content little guy who has found his voice and babbles all day long. He still loves sucking on his hands and fingers (both hands at the same time now) and has started to drool like crazy. His latest thing is sucking on his bottom lip, even though he does not have much lip to suck on. Charlie has mastered traveling and has been a champ flying all over the place in his short 4 months of life. He giggles at just about anything and the only time he gets really ticked is when he is hungry or tired... big surprise! Nurse Priscilla weighing Charlie. The stats: 15 lbs. (5oth percentile), almost 26 inches (90th percentile), head 16.5 inches (75th percentile).
Charlie with Dr. Harris. He was giggling like crazy because the stethoscope was so cold... then came the shots and the smile quickly disappeared!

The big four month old.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nursing the babies!

Ryan has this thing with Alli where he asks her why she is getting so big. Usually the response goes something like this: "I want to get bigger so I can get baptized and have a slumber party!" Since I have had Charlie things have changed a bit. Now the conversation goes like this, Ryan: "Alli, stop getting so big! Why do you want to grow up so fast?" Alli: "So I can get boobies and feed my baby milk like Auntie Nora!"

Patty cake

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Water baby!!

Charlie LOVES the water. We were in the pool for almost an hour over Labor Day and he just chilled the entire time. Maybe it reminds him of the womb.

He does not mind the water in his face either. The more splashing and choas that was around him... the happier he was.

Sweet, innocent, Zachy-boy causing trouble?

Alli and I practicing our George Washington hair-do's.