Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Vultures.

Meet my two little vultures, Charlie and June. If anyone is eating anything they are on the attack. They literally swarm in and devour all food. When Adam works late he will eat dinner after the kids have. By then, they have had a little break and they are ready for round two. They crawl onto his lap and go to town. Adam thinks I don't feed them. I do. They just take after their parents in the "I love to eat" department. Tonight, Charlie was picking off my plate, he kept saying "Can I have a bite mommy... Mmmm, this is a yummy dinner mommy... Can have some more mommy?" He saw that I had some ketchup that got onto my finger while I/we were eating. He grabbed my finger and started licking the ketchup off. I think that might be crossing the line. I will lick my own fingers clean from now on, thank you very much.