Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Party like it's your birthday!

June's birthday began with a trip to the Donut Shoppe, what more could a two-year-old ask for?

(We told the kids we were having a contest to see whose face was the messiest. The winner: Charlie's cheeks & June's chin.)
Next, the four of us went to Atlantis Park in Garden Grove. It costs $1 to get in and there are 8-10 play structures for the kids to play on. We all had a blast!

Finally, we had a Pizza Party, Otter-pops in the Bathtub Party, & Slumber Party with the Menloves. if that was not enough...

We took cupcakes to "Park day" and celebrated with friends!
(June opened this pink "ballerina" bathing-suit at the park from her friend Brinley. She insisted on wearing it over her clothes. She was all smiles on the swing as the tutu was flappin' in the breeze.)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

June is 2.

Oh June-bug. To say that we love you is an understatement! We think you are one of the funniest kids around. I love it when you call out "Mommmmmy..." and I do not hear you so you yell "Hey, Nora..." It has become a joke with the two of us, you call me Nora sometimes just because you know it will get a good laugh out of me. You have the cutest 5 little freckles on your left cheek and a few on your nose, they go perfectly with your cheesy smiles! I know wherever you are because I can hear you singing the ABC's or Twinkle, Twinkle, your favorite songs. You also love the color pink, your pacifier, and watching Dora the Explorer. We all laugh at your ratted up hair every morning, we are still trying to figure out if that is a sign of a good night sleep or a bad one! You love to joke around and pucker your lips for a kiss only to quickly stick out your tongue, it's gross but funny. You climb up the tallest ladders at the park, insist on putting on your own clothes, and try so hard to keep up with your big brother. We love your determination, even if it can be exhausting at times. We love you June-bug, because of you Daddy and Mommy now have many gray hairs but more love and laughter in our home than we ever thought possible.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Interviewing the Birthday Girl... and her Sidekick!

We have been taking up June's birthday all month. She turned TWO on March 26th, hard to believe! I wanted to do an "interview" with her to document how cute this stage is (Charlie was kind enough to add his two cents.) June has a strong-will, a mind of her own, and some of the funniest faces I have ever seen. She brings a much appreciated pizazz into our home. We love you so much June-bug!!
The Interview:

(Notice the beloved "telescope" & Charlie in the background whacking his head on the table.)

(Notice Charlie spit milk at the camera & him blowing in June's ear as he tries to whisper. Not to mention the obvious where he is sitting on June's head.)

** As soon as I turned the camera off Charlie asked: "Mom, can you do an episode of me now?"

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Top of the Mornin' to You!

St. Patrick's Day seems to come around faster each year. There is a lot of pressure I feel with performing the jig but as Adam would say: "I love the attention!" Partially true. I have also loved having my kiddos join me over the years, which makes the jig extra special. Another little leprechaun will be joining our family at the end of September... oh, the Luck of the Irish!