Sunday, July 26, 2009

4 months.

The bathing beauty wishes everyone a happy summer! We are having lots of summer fun hanging out by the pool, playing at the beach, and going for bike rides. June loves commotion and being on the go. The other day she was crying in her bouncer while Adam was on the computer. Every time Adam looked over at her she stopped crying. He said we needed to buy a mannequin to stand over June and entertain her. June is such a smiley baby. Her favorite things include bath time and watching her brother run wild. At her 4 month Dr. visit June was 14.3 pounds and 24.5 inches, she continues to grow like a weed and she has even rolled over a few times.. We love our happy girl.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Making Amends.

From the words of rapper Ice Cube: Today Was A Good Day! My naughty little boy was so sweet and so dang funny today. He woke up his usual happy self, singing away, and still after six months, waiting for me to get him out of bed. He wanted to wear this flashlight on his head and he walked around with it all morning. I decided to take the kids to IKEA because I needed some hooks (random) and we ended up making an afternoon of it. Charlie and I had some famous IKEA meatballs for lunch while June slept in her car seat. Then Charlie played in the little kiddie section of the store. There was this train set I had been considering getting for him, his girlfriend Emerson has it and he LOVES it. Plus, I have been looking for some kind of race track for him since his birthday. So I bought it. Charlie fell asleep on the drive home so I set up the train track for him to see when he woke up. The look on his face was priceless. He was all groggy from his nap and he gave me the goofiest tired-eyed smile and said "Thank you Mommy!" Then he began to play with his new train. Two minutes go by "Thank you Mommy!" Two more minutes,"Thank you Mommy!" ...big smile "Thank you Mommy!" ...another big smile.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time Out.

Hitting. Pushing. Screaming. Someone has been very naughty lately!

Monday, July 6, 2009

July Fourth.

I love the 4th of July, it is such a fun holiday. Back in the day my sister Emily and I would paint our toes for the fourth. Then, after college, I carried on the tradition with my roommates. Well, this year I decided to have a girls night and I invited some friends over to paint some patriotic toes. I think I painted about eight sets of toes we had a great night full of sweets, chit-chatting, and flag feet!
Another tradition I love is riding bikes down to Main Street and watching the parade. This year David, Kenna, Addie May, and Steven were in town. We borrowed a few extra bikes and loaded up the kiddos (including one month old Addie who rode solo in her car seat) and headed through the streets of Huntington Beach.
Josh and June were "trailer-mates," Josh kept trying to take June's pacifier from her, it was pretty funny. (The alternative was having Josh and Charlie ride together, which would have resulted in a black eye for Josh.)
Charlie rode in solitary confinement to ensure no one would get hurt. I would like to say that he just does not like anyone to cramp his style, but unfortunately hitting is becoming a bad habit of his... so frustrating!
The funniest: Ryan, Zachary on the bike attachment, and Charlie in the trailer.
Auntie Kenna and June-bug.
For the past two year's the Hixson's have hosted an AMAZING July 4th BBQ, we're talkin' ribs, tri-tip, burgers, bratwursts, you name it. (I always forget to take a picture of the massive crowd at their house.) We do manage to take a family photo while watching the parade.

God bless America!
June-bug and little Miss Addie May met for the first time and they were instant buds. I love this picture, June was so obsessed with looking at her dress and Addie kept tipping over. It was pretty funny.
After a fun day of bike riding, eating, and parade watching we went down to Dana Point to watch a fireworks show at the Hales beach house. Charlie fell asleep on the drive down but he perked up to watch the fireworks with Uncle Stevie.
Charlie would look at the fireworks and say "WOW, POP!" Then he pointed to the full moon and said "POP Mommy? POP Mommy?" He was wondering why the moon was not popping like the fireworks.

A trip to Vegas.

An awesome cake. A birthday celebration.
A race.
A cheater.
A happy boy.
A happy girl.
A family baseball game.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am a Child of God

This guy LOVES to sing! He sings all day long. His favorite songs include Twinkle, Twinkle, I am a Child of God, and ABC's. I love his facial expressions and how serious he is in this video. Enjoy!