Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween.

Cookie Monster and his two favorite cookies!

Here are a few pictures from the ward Halloween party. Charlie was mesmerized by all the costumes and of course loving all the candy! More pictures from tonight's festivities to come...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Think PINK!!

Well, if the pink background didn't already give it away, we are having a GIRL. I originally thought I wanted a boy, Charlie has been so much fun and I thought he needed a brother to be buddies with. Then, for all the practical reasons, like already having boy stuff, I just felt like that would be best. So when we got the news today I started crying. I shed a few tears when we found out Charlie was a boy, happy tears, I really wanted to have a boy first. Then today, I really cried. To the point I had to catch my breath. The great thing is, they were HAPPY TEARS. I think all along, logically, having a boy just made sense but I guess deep down I really wanted a GIRL. Adam is happy too and I know Charlie will be a great big brother to his little sis, maybe he can give her some pointers on her hair!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Patch.

Charlie and his buddies Emerson, Luke, and Delaney had a fun time running around the pumpkin patch together. They didn't seem to mind the fact that is was 100 degrees in the middle of Fall. My little piggy. (This picture is not far from the truth... Charlie still eats like a mad-man.)
The gang going on a hay ride around the park.
Despite the look on his face here, Charlie loved the train ride.
Running through the maze. (I hate mazes, they remind me of bad blind dates at BYU, getting lost in there with someone you hardly know and definitely don't want to be lost with.) This one was fun.
Charlie kept sticking his hands in this wheelbarrow filled with dirty water and then licking his fingers... little stinker!

How to Host a Murder.

My friend Tiffany, also known as the "party planner extraordinaire" put together a fun night of dinner, drama, and a murder. We have played these How to Host a Murder games ever since I have known Tiff and it is always so much fun. We had a world traveler (me), a actor/womanizer (Adam), an archeologist, a general, and many more "interesting" characters in the group.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heat Wave.

It's hard to believe it is nearing the end of October it's been SO HOT!! There will be a random day of "fall weather", but then the heat comes back. Charlie and I met up with Sara and Emily (friends since junior high) and we spent the day at the beach. Charlie loved splashing in the waves, rolling in the sand, and eating it!!
Charlie with his new buddy Fergie (Sara's daughter) on our bike ride down to the beach.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Auntie Julie.

Adam's sister, Julie, just returned home from serving a mission in Argentina. Charlie was born 2 months after Julie left so he was excited to meet her for the first time! Here, Charlie was mesmerized by Julie's voice and beautiful Argentine hymn. Setting the table with Aunt Julie.
Charlie at the park with Mason, Audrey, and Clara.
Clara, being the big girl that she is, wanted her turn to hold Charlie. What a sweet cousin!
Charlie with his Big Buddy Cousins, Noah, Jordan and Bradley.
Charlie got the royal treatment by Aunt Ginger and Uncle Michael, brownie on one fork and ice cream on the other.
Welcome home Julie, we're happy to have you back with the family!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

St. George, UT...

...some say it was a "family weekend" still others think it was a "boys trip", either way we all had blast. Can you feel the love? A little night out for dinner and Les Mis at the outdoor theater set the mood for a great evening.
We went on a hike one afternoon, it was nearly 100 degrees and I forgot the sunblock! We kept Charlie cool by dumping water on his head and Reagan was sweet enough to share her "do-rag" with him.

Charlie was so pooped that he actually fell asleep in Adam's arms while on our hike.
Nothing like a little chocolate pudding to get through a six hour car ride.
Daddy time at the Entrada pool.
The gang hanging out at the Blad ranch.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Poison Control.

Charlie had a toothache so I gave him some Tylenol. As I went into the kitchen to wash off the dropper I got caught up doing a few dishes. Not more than three minutes had passed when I saw Charlie walk by with the empty Tylenol bottle hanging from his mouth. Panic. How much did he drink? Does he need his stomach pumped? Who do I call... Adam? 911? Poison control? I got on the phone with the Poison Control Center and while talking to them I discovered half the bottle of Tylenol all over the floor. After a few calculations, we determined that Charlie had not ingested enough medicine, if any, to cause harm. I guess I did not put the cap on tight enough and because the Tylenol was so tasty Charlie was having a heyday. Lesson learned.