Wednesday, February 13, 2013

San Diego Zoo.

This Dad of the Year decided last minute to head off to the San Diego Zoo right after my half marathon, taking three tired kids with him while I drove the opposite direction to the Lawrence Welk Resort for a much needed shower, spa time, and girls weekend.  Although one particular child in our family was extremely grumpy, overall a good time was had by all... or so I hear. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Mermaid half marathon.

It all began a few short years ago when Adam gave me a book for Christmas entitled: Three Months to your First 5K.  I have talked about wanting to get into running ever since we got married.  I would say things like:  Running seems like such good exercise.  But I am not a runner.  I want to start running.  But I am not a runner.  When it comes to exercising, it's the biggest bang for your buck.  But I am not a runner.  Running is one of those things you could do anywhere and all you really need is a pair of shoes. But I am not a runner.  Etc...  Well, I cracked open the book a few weeks after that Christmas while I was sitting on the beach of St Croix in the Caribbean.  As I lay on the soft white sand I had BIG PLANS for when I got home to start running.  This was going to be the year (2011).  Little did I know on the beach that day that I was pregnant with Nolan and my running plans were going to be put on hold. Darn. 
Spring 2012 arrived and I was ready once again.  Luckily I have some awesome neighbors who are "runners" and we came up with a plan.  We would meet outside our complex at 6 a.m. and slowly work up to 3 miles.  I could not even run one mile without needing to stop.  I hated getting up that early, I still do, but I am always so happy when I get home that I can check exercising off my list for the day.   Plus, having friends who are counting on you and someone to talk to to take your mind off things is key.  Slowly but surely one mile turned into two, into three... Then, before I knew it these girls were convincing me to run a half marathon.  13.1 miles and I am still alive.  The impossible has happened!  If I can do it, anyone can do it.                 

My support system: Stephanie Blad, Wendi Blair, Fernanda Kagel, and Christi Pobst.

My other support system.  Adam has gotten up with the kids and started breakfast and the whole morning routine started so that I can run.  He also dragged the kids out of bed at 5 a.m. on the day of the race so that he could surprise me at the starting line in San Diego.  Love him.