Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Park City.

There is nothing quite like the annual Koch family reunion, we look forward to an eventful road trip and quality family time every year.  Richard and Sherie are so generous to go to great effort to get everyone together each year.  This years destination was Park City, Utah and it did not disappoint! 
We left a few days early and stayed with the Hixson's, our sweet friends who moved to Payson from Huntington Beach.  We stayed at their house and got together for a BBQ with the Norwoods and Bunnells.  It was so great to get caught up with old friends.
(June, Nolan, Molly Hixson, Braelyn Norwood, Jordan Norwood, Logan Hixson, Charlie, Caden Norwood, Sydney Hixson)

  The week consisted of:
Cuddle time with Momoo
Ipad time with Dadoo
 Alpine Slides
Late night movie watching (in mom and dads bed)
Hiking to Cascade Springs

Quality game/cousin time
A visit to the Olympic Training Center

(the wildest ride of our lives up a windy road with a speedy driver)

Relaxing bubble baths
A day visiting our Alma mater, BYU
(Adam and I attend BYU the same 4 years and we never crossed paths.  We had such a fun time touring the campus, visiting old dorms, apartments, house and reminiscing.)
The creamery.
Hotel time
Lots of luggage rack time
Pool time
and last but not least,  
the craziest hike of our lives
While we were visiting BYU earlier in the week Adam mentioned how he regretted never hiking the Y while attending BYU.  We decided right then and there that we would check that one off his bucket list before leaving Utah and at the same time make some memories with our kids.  Somehow we convinced sweet Stevie, Melinda, and Jackson to join us on our mile hike, straight uphill, in 100+ degree weather.  
the starting point
five minutes later
10 minutes later at the first turn in the path (sucker time)
halfway point (or so we thought)
We did it!  
Let me tell you, this was a great lesson for all of us in perseverance.  It was HOT. HOT. HOT. Charlie walked almost the entire way, only being carried for a few yards.  June alternated walking, piggy-back riding or being swung hand-in-hand with one of the adults.  Nolan kept a beet-red, sticky-faced smile on the entire hike.  Our family would not have made it without the Grahams by our side.  Everyone felt like giving up or turning around at some point but we all stuck it out, and we are so glad we did, right?!  I can just hear the stories now, "Remember when mom and dad made us hike the Y on the hottest day of the year?"   
Until next time family, Park City, Y mountain, friends, BYU, and Interstate 15, you have given us memories that will last a lifetime.    
... and a special thanks to some pretty awesome grandparents!