Saturday, January 26, 2008

8 months

This is the cutest, goofiest picture of Charlie, I love it that you can see all 3 of his teeth (the 4th bottom tooth is still m.i.a.). His two top teeth are starting to poke through, so by next month Charlie will be ready to rip into a huge steak... and he would if we let him. Our little Buster still loves the sound of his voice, he has added grunting and screaming to his list of skills mastered.
This picture shows off Charlie's wild hair. (I think he is trying to keep up with his cousins Alli, Skylar, and Grace with their crazy do's.) I thought that as his hair grew it would start to lay flat, but instead it just keeps getting taller and poofier.
We started swimming lessons this month with Charlie's lady friends Emmy, Zoe, and Reagan (not pictured). Charlie loves the water and he especially loves chewing on all the pool toys.

Lately, Charlie has been putting everything in his mouth, and I mean EVERYTHING! We were at my friend Tiffany's house this weekend and she was sitting on the couch just minding her own business. Charlie was on the floor playing with some toys but he was distracted my Tiff's feet. Charlie kept eyeing her toes and before we knew it he was going to town biting and chewing on her foot... kind of gross, but hilarious!
So, Charlie still loves chow time. He kicks his feet, moans, and then gives a long Mmmmm!! every time he eats. Rather than explaining I thought you could witness the "thrill of the meal" for yourself.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Uncle "Amum."

(From the Menlove's blog.) Ever since Christmas has been over and everyone has gone back to the daily routines of life, my kids have been especially sad to not have everyone around. Zachary gets on the play phone and makes calls to different family members. His favorite to call is uncle "Amum." So, one day last week uncle Adam was sweet enough to stop by on a break from work and play with Zachary. Zachy had a smile from ear to ear. They read books, played with cars, and Zachy got out the Mickey Mouse hats for them to wear. Thanks Uncle "Amum!"


All of you who know and love my dear husband have seen him in his camo shorts a time or two thousand!! Now, these camo's have been around longer than I have. Adam wears these shorts at least 2-3 times a week in the summer time and about once a week in the winter. I have had family members ask if he has any other shorts (yes, he does). Adam was at an activity last week with the young men in our ward and he decided to play a pick-up game of basketball in his shorts... and the rest is history... well, maybe not. Adam came home with the torn shorts and then quickly asked if I can sew the rip. We shall see if I am going to be the nice wife or if the shorts just need to rest in peace, they have had an extremely busy life!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

7 Months

Charlie is 7 months old (actually on December 26th). He is still our little bundle of joy! He had a great Christmas and he enjoyed all the attention from family members. He tested out each of his new toys by putting them in his mouth and chewing the heck out of them with his 3 bottom teeth (not 4). In this last month our big boy has mastered putting his pacifier in his mouth and finding it it his crib when it falls out, and he has started sitting up on his own. He wabbles from side-to-side and then tips over, it's pretty funny. Lastly, he still eats like a champ. He loves every bite of food he has tried, especially peaches and pears. Until next month...