Saturday, April 27, 2013

HB Sole Sisiters.

Ragnar Relay Team 2013
(Top row: Sarah Richardson, Stephanie Blad, Wendi Blair, Christy Miller, Lindsay Barttels, Renee Bontempo,
Botton Row: Nicole Barnes, Christi Pobst, Nora Koch, Oliviah Hull)
*Not pictured: Char Hatch (12 weeks pregnant, suffered from dehydration), Vanessa Smith (broken ankle)  

12 girls in 2 vans run 200 miles in 2 days...
Runner # 7:
Vanessa "run with a broken ankle" Smith
Runner #8:
 Lindsey "cheer for me" Barttels
Runner #9:
Olliviah "hottie with a body" Hull
Runner #10:
Nicole "my mouth is on FIRE" Barnes
Runner #11:
Nora "the bus driver" Koch
Runner #12:
Stephanie "the rockstar" Blad
...we did it ladies!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

My dainty ballerina.

Oh June-bug!  I love this picture above of June, so pretty in her ballet bun and outfit yet crumbs of some sort all over her face.  June and her buddy Brinley Blad took ballet and tap class together for the past 9 months.  They loved their teacher Miss Jen and I loved watching June's confidence grow.  She had a blast and looked forward to going each week.  We will be taking a break from ballet for a season when June begins soccer in the fall.  I have a feeling that running around and kicking a ball might be a bit more "her" than twirling and  tapping.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Eighteen and a half months...

 and this little nugget is FINALLY walking.  Nolan had ZERO interest in walking on his own. He has been walking around furniture and pushing his walker for what seems like forever.  He even crawled himself into nursery on his first day.  But my boy is growing up and we have a pedestrian on our hands.  Way to go Nollie pollie!   

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Leo Carrillo State Beach.

The Menloves invited us to go camping with them over Spring Break.  They go to Malibu every year to camp with the Fords and this time we decided to tag along.  While we were there Adam and I came to a conclusion, knowing "campers" is a great hook-up.  There is SO MUCH STUFF you have to bring but once we were there it was AMAZING.  The kids played, played and played some more.  We all had so much fun...
Eating outside 
Getting dirty

Riding bikes

Spending quality time together

Camp fire time

Roasting marshmallows & eating smores
Sleeping in a tent (the highlight)
Going to the beach
Rock climbing

Kite flying
Playing in the "kid tent"
Tree climbing

 Thanks Menloves, Fords, and Martinos for the awesome memories!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013