Sunday, June 15, 2014

The L-Dub

  We decided to start our summer off early and head to San Diego the weekend before school got out.  The Ebmeyer's have a place they love and convinced us all that the "L-Dub" (Lawrence Welk Resort) was the place to be, they were right!  We all had such a fun time together hanging out with family and some of our closest friends.  Some of the highlights include:   
a totally awesome water slide leading into the pool
(I am positive the kids went on this over 100 times over the weekend)
girl time complete with make-up and some ipad in bed
football time (not pictured: bocce ball and baseball time)
 a coloring contest
(everyone was a winner)
 a game of red light green light
  golf for the 4 horsemen
 a dance party on the grass
hangin' low
bubble baths

and a special Father's day breakfast for all these great dads

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A night to remember.

June's first Angels game.  Thanks to the Jensen's June got to go to her first baseball game.  The game was great but I think the girls had more fun eating popcorn and taking selfies on my phone. 
The two goofballs: June and Sydney

Monday, June 2, 2014

These HIPS don't lie.

To say that this girl has got some moves would be a total understatement.  This somewhat shy, often timid girl came out of her shell for her dance performance.  She knew every single move and shook her hips to the beat like she owned the stage.  She took these classes with a few friends every Tuesday at the park.  It was super low-key so I was surprised by the "awesomeness" of their performance.  Work it girl!  
All the girls were asked to wear solid colored shirts with matching leggins.  ALL the girls showed up in pink EXCEPT June.  She was a little bummed out but it actually made her stand out as the star of the show... at least that is how it seemed in my eyes!