Saturday, April 26, 2008

11 Months

We ended up with two different 11 month shots... the "Donald" photo and the "Lewis" photo. People are always commenting on Charlie's hair. His "faux-hawk" is getting longer and folding down a bit so Momoo Sherie titled it "Donald Trump hair." Then while we were at the doctor's office a few weeks ago the receptionist asked me if I had seen Meet the Robinsons, she said that Charlie looked identical to the main character "Lewis". What do you think?

Updates: Charlie is no longer taking a pacifier, those darn teeth got in the way. Our crazy man loves playing chase; he crawls as fast as those little legs can go and giggles while we try to get him. No signs of walking yet but Charile is pulling himself up on everything. He freaks out though if he loses his balance and falls, hopefully he will toughen up and not be too overly sensitive. Charlie is also into clapping ang waving at people... our little social butterfly.

Friday, April 18, 2008

One word... FUN

We have had a very eventful few weeks. Charlie had a virus, then we both got the stomach flu, then a sinus cold, and now the poor guy has two teeth coming in. So between all the pain and suffering we decided to have a little fun. Charlie beams when Adam takes him on a wagon ride. Together they walk to the mailbox and occasionally pick up a friend or two along the way.
This is Charlie's favorite time of night (aside from getting his bottle or his dinner), that smile stays on his face the entire ride.
We met up with Fernanda and Andreana at the Santa Ana Zoo... it was great.
Andreana and Charlie loved looking at all the animals... well, most of the time. We tried to get them to watch the monkey's swing from the trees but these crazy kids were too interested in a bush that was blowing in the wind.
Fernanda and Andreana posing by the waterfall... so beautiful.
Charlie and Emmy were so excited to go to Disneyland together. This was Charlie's first trip of many-we got a season pass. He was glad Emmy could be there to hold his hand on all the scary rides.
Charlie is scratching his head thinking that Woody is a little too close for comfort.
A group shot on the Snow White ride...the boys were good sports! (Charlie and Luke did not make the shot but luckily their very identifiable hair does!)
Pooped out after an exciting day!