Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WARNING: He's not going in for a kiss

Charlie has always been a fan of putting things in his mouth. I thought it was all magnified by the fact that he was crawling and only a few inches from the floor, so naturally every piece of fuzz or dirt went straight to his mouth. Charlie is officially walking as of this week (yeah!) but his oral fixation has not stopped. The other day the little stinker actually started leaning in as I was holding him and he tried biting my eyelashes of all things! This post is a tribute to some of the things that have been in Charlie's mouth...
Christmas lights
toilet paper
sand (by the handful)
I have had a few friends think it is so cute that Charlie goes charging for their child with his mouth open "trying to give a kiss!" At first I thought that was the case, but then I realized it was their head and hair he was interested in, not a kiss. He bites the fur on the fuzzy animal book we read and he does the same thing to his stuffed animals. What the heck... and poor Zachary!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Glen Ivy... every woman's fantasy!

While Em was in town we decided to have a girls day of pampering. So with the kiddos under the tender care of their daddy's, we were off to Glen Ivy Hot Springs. What an experience. We sat in a mineral bath hot tub, floated on rafts in a pool (arms linked the entire time), got painted with sea kelp, exfoliated in a mud bath, sunbathed, and took a long uninterrupted shower. We finished off the day with lunch and some shopping. Everyone decided that this will have to be an annual event! The Roman Spa.
Mud Bath
...until next year Glen Ivy, we'll be dreaming of you!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sweet land of liberty...

We had a very fun-filled 4th of July weekend. It started with a family bike ride down to Main Street to watch the Independence Day Parade. Our sweet friends, the Hixson's, offered up their front yard and had a fabulous BBQ... so much fun!

Charlie started off riding with Gracie but he kept grabbing her pacifier and bopping her on the head so we decided to put him with sweet Zachy-boy. After that, Joshua and Grace rode together. Josh was nowhere near the age or weight requirement to be in a bike trailer but as Jen always says, by the time you have your third you just do what works!

Sweet Zachy-boy managed to fall fast asleep on the ride home, even with Charlie poking him the entire time.
Cute Alli was so proud to be on the big bike with her dad.
After all these years Jen still had the skills to ride with no hands.
Later that night we rode back down to watch the fireworks off the pier.